Shipping Documents

  • The standard package submitted to CBP for U.S. shipments consists of the following documents:
  • Commercial Invoice (see Sample) Canadian Invoice (Sample)
  • Packing List
  • Air Waybill (see sample) or Ocean Bill of Lading Sample Short Form Bill of Lading
  • CBP 3461 Immediate Release:
  • CBP Form 3461 – Entry/Immediate Delivery
  • CBP 7501 Entry Summary:
  •   pdf – 155 KB.
  • The entry summary document provides information that enables CBP to ascertain the proper classification, value, and duty obligation for the imported merchandise. Unless required at the time of release, this document is presented to CBP with the duties due within 10 business days of the initial release of the merchandise. The entry summary contains over 40 fields of information. Although each field is important, the key fields for CBP purposes are the tariff number, value, origin, and total duties paid. In automated environments, the entry summary information is transmitted to CBP via ABI. After the data is analyzed by the CBP database, data is transmitted back to the broker indicating whether the entry summary documents must be physically submitted to CBP. Even if the documents are not required to be submitted, the duties must still be tendered to CBP.
  • There are nearly 100 forms listed on the CBP website; however, only a few of these forms are used by importers, brokers, and carriers on a daily basis. This section of the course covers the forms that are used most frequently. Forms used by CBP are numbered and preceded by “CBP.” For example, form identifier for the Entry Summary is CBP Form 7501.For a list of forms and links to each, click here:
  • A.International Seafreight Bill of Lading – Ocean Freight Carrier’s transport document. Shows cargo routing, consigner, consignee, cargo description, etc. The title on the internationally shipped goods.
  • B.1. For commercial international shipments – Commercial Invoice. Complete description of commodity being shipped.
  • B.2.For international shipping of household goods and personal belongings –Valued Packing List. An inventory list with value assigned to each item being shipped.
  • Notice:some courtiers require proforma commercial invoices for personal international shipments as well. However, having a complete Valued Packing List submitted at origin, upon destination country’s customs request, will make it easy to transfer your Valued Packing List in form of proforma commercial invoice.
  • In respect of U.S. Customs, all Commercial Invoices (and Valued Packing Lists) must be in English and show:
  • Value of cargo in US Dollars (exchange rate = date of export);
  • Shippers full name and address (M.I.D. – manufacturer’s identification);
  • Consignee full name and address;
  • Detailed description of cargo/freight;
  • Quantity of cargo shipped;
  • Weight of cargo shipped;
  • Cargo’s Country of Origin
  • D.Packing List for an international commercial shipment – Breakdown description: pieces, weights and packing materials. (Examples – Wood Pallets, Skids, Crates, Boxes, Dunnage, Straw Packing, etc.)
  • E.Fumigation Certificate – Certification that internationally shipped cargo and its packing materials were fumigated and it is free of infestation.
  • F. Special International Shipping Documents – Depends on commodity and country of origin, such as:
  • Visa
  • Quota
  • Visa/Quota
  • Certificate of Origindownload generic certificate
  • Australia (CO samples)
  • Bahrain (importer to check with Govt. of Bahrain on format/information)
  • CAFTA (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras CO sample)
  • Chile (CO sample)
  • Israel (sample Note: Green form needs to be purchased from Vendor or US-Israel Chamber of Commerce or a publishing house )
  • Jordan (notarized generic certificate of origin required)
  • Morocco (importer makes a claim on the basis of supporting evidence)
  • NAFTA (Mexican, Canada, sample)
  • Singapore(no certificate of origin is required. However, the importer is required to produce the necessary permits together with an invoice, at the time of cargo clearance.)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (N.A.F.T.A.)(Mexican, Canada, sample
  • Packing Declaration
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration – hazardous materials(sample)
  • Fish and Wildlife Declaration National Marine Fisheries Service
  • Consular Legalized documents
  • F.D.A.
  • U.S.D.A.
  • Anti-Dumping
  • Provided by DHL
  •  Canada POA  
     Certificate of Origin
     Commercial Invoice
     Electronic Export Information (EEI/SED) Filing Authorization Form
     Form 2877 Declaration for Imported Electronic Products
     Form 3299 Declaration for Free Entry of unaccompanied Articles
     Harmonized tariff schedule
     International Waybill
     Manufacturer’s Statement
     Power of Attorney – Combined Export and Import  
     Power of Attorney – Export  
     Power of Attorney – Import 
     Proforma Invoice 
     Routed Transaction POA – Written Authorization Form 
     Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction
     Signature on File (SOF) Release Form 
     Toxic Substance Control Act
     Woven Fabric Constructor Details