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Virtual Trade Management

There are a myriad of import and export trade regulations that businesses need to follow on every international transaction. Non-compliance with trade regulations may incur additional cost as well as fines, restrictions on importing/exporting and even criminal penalties.  Like most competitive companies, valuable time, personnel and resources are used to grow the business. The Virtual Trade Management (VTM) program was created to allow companies to allocate their key resources on primary business functions and let Outsource Trade Group take on the challenges of global trade. This program essentially allows us to act as your off-site Trade Compliance department by performing all the management and administrative duties, at a fraction of the cost of in-house personnel with the added expertise of our trade compliance team.  This approach to trade compliance is especially effective for small to medium size businesses.  -We charge an affordable flat rate fee for this service as opposed to an hourly rate of other consultants which proves to be a cost effective approach for our clients. 

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Day-to-Day Global Trade Compliance Management, Administration & Support


Outsource Trade Group manages and administers our clients’ daily global trade compliance needs by acting as their off-site trade compliance department.   Our daily  management, monitoring and support services include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Apply for export licenses on the company’s behalf
  • Creation of Export Manual/Procedures
  • Issue and Problem solving for export controls and trade issues
  • Agreement creation and submissions such as TAA, MLA, DLA for technical exchange, manufacturing or distribution with foreign companies
  • On-going trade advisement: address questions from your employees, customers and state agencies on export controls and international trade regulations
  • Ongoing commodity jurisdictions and classifications
  • Creation/Submission of Voluntary Self Disclosures (as required) 
  • Export compliance training of the company’s personnel (annually)
  • Creation/Access to the Trade Compliance Intranet, for the company’s personnel, which contains all records and information pertaining to the company’s export compliance.



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