Services / Trade Compliance Consulting



Outsource Trade Group vast experience with implementing and executing trade compliance practices and procedures ensures our clients compliance with global trade regulations. With a specialization in US export controls as well as UK/EU export controls. We take an innovative approach to trade consulting through our Virtual Trade Compliance Management program.-We also offer, project-based consulting services. Our pro-active approach to trade, cuts cost, risk, and expedites your shipments. We have extensive experience in analyzing business processes and drafting procedures geared to your business. Our tailored services take into account the client’s specific industry, trade volume and budget considerations. Some of our trade compliance services include but are not limited to:

  • Classification

    Correct tariff classification of goods is a key component of trade compliance i.e. ECCN, USML, HTS, Schedule B.  Gov't authorities expect accuracy. Audits require it. Our professionals will make sure your practices comply for importing or exporting.

  • Foreign Trade Zone

    FTZs offer companies enormous opportunites to compete in the global market.  We ensure your application, activation and implementation process goes smoothly.

  • Voluntary Disclosures 

    Everyone makes mistakes. Gov't authorities allow you to voluntarily correct non-compliance. But it can be costly after the designated time-limit has passed. We can help you get ahead of errors before they trigger an audit.

  • Virtual Trade Management

    Our international trade management solution provides expert support without the need to add headcount to your budget.  We essentially act as your off-site trade compliance department. 

  • Export Controls

    Serious penalties for improper export controls are all too common these days. With our export control solutions, you’ll have an accurate, auditable methodology for jurisdiction determination, plus assistance with export licensing. 

  • Export Compliance Training

    Training is a fundamental aspect of import/export compliance program.  Provide tailored training on U.S. export compliance regulations: EAR, ITAR, OFAC.  

An innovative, cost-effective and results driven approach to International Trade Consulting. View brochure pdf for more information.