Export Compliance Manual (Policies & Procedures)


To ensure compliance with U.S. export laws, DDTC/BIS advises all companies involved with exports to have a properly implemented export compliance manual. Your export compliance manual should outline the procedures for dealing with product classification, export licensing requirements, export documentation, record keeping, training, audit of export transactions, and more.


Regulations and laws governing export control are complex and updated frequently...


Developing and implementing a comprehensive export compliance manual can be difficult. Reviewing and deciphering U.S. export laws is time consuming and challenging. That’s where we can help.

Outsource Trade Group consultants have been helping businesses with their export control requirements.  Our trade consultants will create an export control manual, and:

  • Draft and assist with the implementation of controls needed to meet U.S. Government export compliance requirements
  • Review your company’s compliance systems, policies, and programs
  • Prepare and implement customized compliance systems
  • Provide advice for export licensing requirements and interpretation of regulations
  • Draft content and assist with implementation of:
    • Export Compliance Manuals (Export Control Manuals)
    • Technology Control Plans (TCP)
    • Export Licensing and Control Policies and Procedures (P&P)
  • Update manuals when regulations change
Documented, export compliance manuals will:


  • Prove that your company understands – and complies with – U.S. import/export regulations
  • Demonstrate that you have taken the “head knowledge” of one person and implemented it throughout your organization
  • Provide concrete evidence of your company’s commitment to export compliance
  • Assure government agencies that you are taking this seriously.

There’s no need to start with a blank piece of paper! Our experts have worked with hundreds of companies to create practical, effective export compliance manuals. We can do the same for you.