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Outsource Trade Group, LLC is a leading international trade consulting firm that takes an innovative, streamlined and cost effective approach to global trade. We are uniquely qualified to provide all services required for a business or individual to successfully enter the global market by offering International Trade Compliance Consulting and Export Management services. Our comprehensive approach to global trading allows our clients to mitigate their risk, reduce cost, increase profits as well as exposure.


Our mission is simple:
point2 Achieving cost savings from risk management/mitigation.
point2To achieve optimal results for our clients by providing superior, comprehensive and results driven service at an affordable price
point2Immediate access to knowledgeable experts and guidance


Outsource Trade Group has a strong infrastructure in place to support our clients in the U.S. and globally. Our headquarters are based in Miami, FL (US) with another primary international office based in Paris, France.


Key Staff

Nancy Gazzano: Managing Director and Principal Trade Consultant
With over 20 years of experience, she has represented clients in all areas of international trade compliance, including matters pertaining to international trade regulations and customs procedures with in-depth experience in EU/U.K. and U.S. regulations. Nancy Gazzano is a also a renowned expert in the field of export controls particularly EU and US controls, economic sanctions (trade embargoes and asset freezes), customs/import controls, anti-boycott restrictions, anti-corruption compliance, foreign direct investment, anti-money laundering compliance, and foreign market access.


Prior to establishing Outsource Trade Group, Nancy Gazzano spent more than 10 years managing and advising various corporations on import/export control requirements as it pertained to their business as well as the government sector as an International Trade Specialist for the U.S. Department of Commerce. She is the author of Boskage Commerce/Thomas Reuters best selling trade publication U.S. Export Controls and International Trade: A Practical Guide to Licensing and Controls and a contributing trade writer for World Trade Magazine 100 and European -World Export Control Review.


Nancy Gazzano received her M.A. in International Relations and Trade from American University of Paris, International Trade Law from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and World Trade Institute in Berne, Switzerland


Louise Martin: Senior International Trade Consultant
With 10 years of experience and an MBA from the University of Maryland, Louise Martin brings her expertise in US customs regulations, export controls, and international procurement.


Anne Wimmer: International Trade Consultant
Anne has extensive training and practical corporate experience in U.S. Trade Compliance Regulations e.g. ITAR, EAR, Customs, BATFE, OFAC. He has assisted companies with formulating and implementing policies and training to on the application of U.S. Government export/import regulations. Holding a degree in Aircraft engineering she is able to provide specialized insight on aerospace and defense products.


Cole Anderson: Senior International Trade Consultant and Training
Cole is a veteran of over 30 years in International Trade, just retired from the US Commercial Service of the US Department of Commerce as a Senior Trade Specialist with a focus on aerospace, defense and high technology and also was a Commercial Diplomat during his career. The focus of much of his career was one on one consulting to SMEs providing export marketing, strategy, and export compliance assistance. In addition he has long experience in training to US Industry in Compliance, Export Marketing, Export Finance, and Country specific focus, with over 20 seminars and educational symposiums during his tenure in Texas. He has a B.A. and M.A. in Political Science and Foreign Languages from San Francisco State University, a MA in International Business on Full Masonic Scholarship from The George Washington University, and Doctoral Studies in Global Marketing and Strategy from AIM – Advanced Institute of Management, HEC, Geneva, Switzerland. He is fluent in Spanish, French, intermediate Russian and Italian, and has studied German.