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Accurate classification to help you save money and avoid penalties

The wrong product classification can cost a company thousands of dollars in penalties, if not millions of dollars in overpayments. Proper classification for export is the foundation to any Export Compliance Program. Many of the critical compliance processes rely on classification information such as: reasons for control, license requirements, license exceptions, and, in some cases, applicability of sanctions and embargoes. Proper classification is the first — and most important step — towards avoiding the costs of export violations.

Are your commodities, software, and technology properly classified?

Our experienced consultants have the technical expertise and the hands-on experience to classify products across the varied and numerous technologies contained in the Commerce Control List (CCL) and the United States Munitions List (USML).

Small or large classifications projects. We can help:

  • Correctly assign the USML Category or ECCN to your product, as well as the HTS and Schedule B code
  • Work within your ERP system/trade compliance software/spreadsheet
  • Expertise to classify one or thousands of items across many different industries.

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