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Export Management / EMC Services

Who should use an Export Management Company (EMC)
Manufacturers with minimal experience/expertise in international trading and/or time constraints to invest in trading globally should consider an ETC. Even experienced exporters may want to consider using an EMC for selected products for certain foreign markets. Firms looking for new markets in order to accelerate their business growth should consider using an EMC.


What’s an Export Management Company?
An EMC is an independent firm, which, in effect, acts as the exclusive export sales department for non-competing manufacturers.


What Outsource Trade Group (ETC) does for our clients?
We establish the marketing presence in foreign markets by soliciting orders from foreign customers in the name of the manufacturer. Invoicing is done in the name of the manufacturer. We manage the entire trade process on the behalf of our client.


What we need from our Clients
To achieve optimum results in the marketing and selling of our client’s products, we typically ask for 2-3 years engagement period to obtain meaningful results. We also may request from our clients the following:

point2Promotion materials
point2Product catalogs
point2Technical Data
point2Product samples-in some instances
point2Keep us up-to-date on product modifications


Why go with an EMC-Outsource Trade Group
EMCs usually have long established sales networks abroad. We have established foreign sales and distribution networks.


Outsource Trade Group is experienced in all facets of exporting. Our typical strengths include:


  • An ability to handle all details. The know-how to answer inquires, prepare quotations, enter orders, handle shipping details, and get our client paid. We are export professionals. We keep active contact with foreign firms.
  • We are experts on business conditions abroad. Outsource Trade Group is strategically located in the foreign market (Europe). We constantly appraise market conditions and new opportunities.
  • Our profits are based on how successfully our clients export. We our motivated to do a good job.


Our Area and Regions of Expertise
We specialize in military, defense, aerospace, high tech electronics and satellite communication products and components. Our regions of focus are the United States and Europe. If you require your product to reach territories outside of these regions please contact us.


What Do We Charge?

Please see our General Service Fee Chart below for an idea of our prices. For specific projects Contact Us

  • Outsource Trade Group operates on a commission basis normally.
  • Outsource Trade Group request a initial retainer fee.
  • In some instances we may request for special event/trade show contribution such as a 50/50 sharing of costs to exhibit in a foreign trade show. Outsource Trade Group may require a contribution for advertisement and other promotional activities, usually on a shared basis.