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The Importance of Corporate Responsibility: The Case of Shell

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

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Global Sourcing Strategies

By host on Wednesday , March 23 ,2016

Introduction to global sourcing,production, and export strategies

As the Sunset Flowers case demonstrates, there is more to export profitability than a good idea. Once an entrepreneur has identified a product, he needs to determine if there is a market somewhere, a process that involves a significant amount of market research, which may or may not be supported by the home country government. Then the entrepreneur needs to develop a production strategy, prepare the goods Read More

U.S. Export Initiative: Easing U.S. Export Controls

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

The Obama Administration recently announced the National Export Initiative(NEI), which is the Administration’s plan to reform the U.S. export controlsystem. The plan includes four key proposed changes. First, the Administration plans to create a single export control list, rather than the two-track (StateDepartment’s USML and the CCL) approach that is currently employed. Second,the Administration hopes to establish a single licensing agency, which would have jurisdiction over all exports,Read More

U.S. Export Controls: All-in-One Tutorial

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

This tutorial covers U.S. Export Controls for both commercial/dual use goods (EAR) and military/defense (ITAR). This tutorial is helpful to businesses and professionals that export goods that are subject to U.S. Export Controls I consider this 'all-in-one' because it covers the basics of both regulatory agencies. The presentation goes a bit fast, to keep it in the 15 minute frame, so please feel free to pause it as you like. If you have a question or have comments please post it below or emaiRead More

The Difference between US and UK/EU Export Controls

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

As an International Trade Consultant I deal with various export control regulations from different countries, so my clients can export in compliance. Lately, I have been working with a significant amount of UK based clients that have US export control parts incorporated in their products which means you must be knowledgeable of both countries export controls. This inspired me to write an article in World Export Control Review about the differences I have found while advising my clients. IRead More

Outsource Trade Group Export Controls: Export Compliance Consultancy

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

Export controls are an increasingly complex and changing arena, which can pose significant risk and costs to businesses. These risks and costs are more likely to arise during the course of normal business than directly from a government investigation but are no less effective at disrupting your business.

Using an export control consultant to provide regular, consistent support to your business may be more cost effective than utilising in-house personnel diverted from other primary tRead More

Improving ITAR compliance: Data loss, encryption

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

I've worked with quite a few customers over the past few years around International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) compliance and other similar foreign national compliance law here in the US. We've had customers implement Oracle IRM solutions primarily to address their concerns over ITAR regulation and IRM is a great way to really address some of the challenges around controlling who has access to what (preventative controls) and also being able to show that you are able to control this acRead More

Identifying and Resolving US Export Control Issues in Outsourcing Deals

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

Compliance with US export control laws poses crucial challenges in outsourcing deals. Failure to comply with the US export control laws can have serious consequences for companies, including substantial monetary fines, loss of export privileges, disruption of business operations and reputational damage.


To minimize liability, US companies should determine at the outset whether their outsourcing deals involve any items, such as certain dual-use prod­uctsRead More

Offshore Outsourcing: Export Controls ITAR/EAR

By host on Tuesday , March 22 ,2016

Raytheon Aircraft is no different than most companies today.


The $2.1 billion subsidiary of the national defense contractor is exploiting outsourcing, both onshore and off, to cut costs, access skilled workers and operate more efficiently.


Best practices for protecting sensitive business information while making people productive from But unlike some companies, one false move on an outsourcing deal could cost the airplRead More

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