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What We do ?

  • Location of Foreign Buyers around the world
  • Formulate and Negotiate Contracts
  • Place orders and invoice
  • Arrange transportation of goods, including customs documentations
  • Export Licensing and advise on legal/regulatory aspects of international trade

About our Export Management Company

Outsource Trade Group, export management unit, specializes in the trade of military, defense, aerospace and high technology electronics products and components. We act as an export intermediary, acting as your export department. This approach requires limited use of a firm’s time and resources in building an export business. You will have relatively few out-of-pocket costs. We look forward to acquiring and aiding companies in these industries with expanding their market base.


Some of the products we specialize in are:


Aircraft -Commercial *Aircraft Military * Aircraft Engines-Commercial *Aircraft Engines-Military* Helicopter-Commercial *Helicopter-Military* Space* Ground Defense* Satellites* Missile Guidance and Control Systems Information Systems Aerospace* Information Systems-Military/Defense* Electronics-Military/Defense* Surface Ships Submarines* Global Positioning Systems* Nuclear Detection* Military Vehicles and Tanks Search,*Detection and Navigation Weapons* Personal Protection-Military/Defense* Military Surveillance* Engineering Services- Aerospace Engineering Services: Military/Defense


We work with manufacturers, producers, assemblers and processors, of military, defense, aerospace, and high tech electronic industries with expanding their market base. We act as your export department by managing the entire international trade process including but not limited to:

Targeting Foreign Buyers

Outsource Trade Group has strategic locations in Paris, France and Dallas, TX, United States. This allows us to be in close proximity to foreign buyers. Our in-depth experience with importing/exporting, ability to provide full service export management and acute negotiation skills is the backbone to our success and solid reputation. We are uniquely equipped with expertise in international law and regulations specifically export controls which is necessary when trading military, defense and aviation products. *Outsource Trade Group is registered with the U.S. Department of Defense Trade Controls (ITAR) and Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). This allows us to apply for export and re-export license on our client’s behalf.


World trade commodity markets are constantly changing. We are in tune with these trends, keeps our clients informed of them and adapt accordingly. We are a results driven based company whose business is built on our clients continued success and support.