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Tradeport / How It Works

Outsource Trade Group, Trade Database is a Business-to-Business (B2B) network, powered with the expertise of Outsource Trade Group export management branch. After successfully growing the export business of many clients, the Group created an avenue through our online Trade Database, to make our export management services accessible and useful to a broader audience.

Started as a private database for our clients, Trade Database, has been extended to be made accessible to verified* buyers, sellers and distributors to show case their products and services in a managed atmosphere. Outsource Trade Group is a comprehensive global trade service provider specializing in export trade management, procurement and trade regulatory compliance. This allows us to apply actual trade expertise to our membership of buyers, suppliers and distributors. As a result members experience a more fully- integrated trading experience.


What sets Global Sourcing Management apart from the rest?
Apart from other B2B providers we have criteria for membership to provide a safe trading environment and to attract serious traders, ready to seal the deal. In short our motto is “Quality versus Quantity of members’”

Trader’s Marketplace provides:

  • Safety and Security: Unlike competitors who accept anyone who registers minimum information verification process is executed by our trade team.
  • Company/product visibility
  • Increased sales
  • We act as active procurement agents for our Buyers.
  • We act as active procurement for member Suppliers
  • Trade Expertise and Resources at hand


Getting Started
The Outsource Trade Group System provides an enhanced way to post your company information, products and acceptable terms. Our system allows the Supplier to post the following:


Outsource Trade Group System provides a secure environment to post your purchasing request and/or buyer leads with us. Only qualified Outsource Trade members may view. Buyers may choose how they would like to trade. Trader’s Marketplace offers buyers a variety of options in the trading process. Namely:


  1. View suppliers and contact suppliers directly for more information and/or negotiation
  2. View suppliers, contact Outsource Trade Group with the suppliers you have selected to place bids . This is used when Buyers would prefer to stay anonymous.
  3. Buyers request Outsource Trade Group to gather bids, at no cost, for your purchase request, via Trade Match. Outsource Trade Group these extended services.
  • Product / Service research according to customer specifications
  • Negotiation of pricing and services
  • Manage progress and performance reports
  • Arrange Shipping
  • Manage delivery schedule

After a transaction through our Trader’s Marketplace we encourage Buyers and suppliers to give us their feedback at so we can continue to provide a secure and profitable trade environment. Action is taken accordingly.


How Does Outsource Trade Group verify suppliers?
Outsource Trade Group makes best efforts to make sure that we have a pool of reputable suppliers. We verify information provided such as:


  1. Business background research
  2. Address Verification
  3. Contact information Verification

We still encourage buyers, prior to signing a purchasing contract to receive credit information on the selected company. We work with various credits verification agencies around the world and will be happy to assist.

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