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Trade Compliance Consulting

We provide top tier expertise on import and/or export regulations at an affordable price for businesses of all sizes. Our extensive experience with international trade regulations allows Outsource Trade Group to provide knowledgeable and cost-effective solutions to our client’s import and export challenges.
Trade Consulting Programs

Outsource Trade Group vast experience with implementing and executing trade compliance practices and procedures ensures our clients compliance with global trade regulations allowing them to mitigate potential risk/penalties and expedite shipments. With a specialization in U.S. export controls as well as UK/EU/Middle East export controls. We take a different and innovative approach to trade consulting through our Virtual Trade Compliance Management program. We also offer, project-based consulting services. Our pro-active approach to trade ensures our clients cuts cost, mitigates risk, and expedites shipments. We have extensive experience in analyzing business processes and drafting procedures geared to your business. Our tailored services take into account the client’s specific industry, trade volume and budget considerations. Some of our trade compliance services include but not limited to:

  • Classification

    Correct tariff classification of goods is a key component of trade compliance. Customs authorities expect accuracy. Audits require it. Our professionals will make sure your practices comply for importing or exporting.

  • Valuation

    All products must have a value for customs purposes. But how would you put a price on a used product being shipped to your sister company at no charge? Avoid onerous financial penalties by having our experts confirm your valuations.

  • Voluntary Disclosures & Appeals

    Everyone makes mistakes. Gov't authorities allow you to voluntarily correct non-compliance. But it can be costly after the designated time-limit has passed. We can help you get ahead of errors before they trigger an audit.

  • Audits & Audit Assistance

    The best response to an audit request is a confident one. If a gov't agency has questions about your importing/exporting practices, or has notified you of an audit, we can make sure you are complying every way you should, then disclosing effectively if necessary.

  • Export Controls

    Serious penalties for improper export controls are all too common these days. With our export control solutions, you’ll have an accurate, auditable methodology for jurisdiction determination, plus assistance with export licensing.

  • Trade Compliance Assessments

    Do you know your level of compliance? Our trade compliance assessment programs for importers and exporters include a complete risk-lowering review of your importing and exporting practices, procedures, and business process controls.

A new, cost-effective and results driven approach to International Trade Consulting. View our Brochure for more information.


Specialization in U Export Controls and UK/EU/Middle East Export Controls


Our professionals are highly experienced in US and UK/EU/Middle East export controls. Outsource Trade Group has a strong reputation for its knowledge in International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR). We have designed, implemented and executed ‘best practices’ compliance programs for our clients. Are registration with the appropriate authorities also allows us to apply for export licenses on behalf of our clients

Education and Training

In all successful export compliance programs, awareness and training is key. Outsource Trade Group consultants are experts on all issues surrounding import/export compliance. Our consultants provide in-house training for companies, universities and government agencies. This training ranges from import/export compliance awareness for broad audiences, senior management, and departmental training for export administrators, engineering staff ,shipping dept, purchasing and sales personnel.  

Virtual Trade Management 

The Virtual Trade Management (VTM) program was created to allow companies to allocate their key resources on primary business functions and allow Outsource Trade Group take on the challenges of global trade.  The program essentially allows us to act as your off-site trade compliance department by performing all the management and administrative duties, at a fraction of the cost of in-house personnel with the added expertise of our trade compliance team.


General Guidance and Specific Problem Solving

It is easy for corporations to get lost in the minutia and complexities of international trade regulations. Outsource Trade Group can help businesses orient themselves by identifying the relevant compliance issues and regulations. We help companies analyze specific transactions or resolve specific compliance issues.